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Sample datasets for you try out yourself!

Industry: Telecommunication

Goal: Understand the factors leading to customer churn

Why: Customer satisfaction and churn are important when it comes to retaining customers and growing a business. Understanding why some some customers are leaving, and designing targeted interventions can help business grow.


About the data:

  • Data sourced from Maven Analytics Churn Challenge 

  • Preparation: We added a column 'Churn', where churned customers were set to 'yes' and stayed customers were set to 'no'.

Industry: Healthcare

Goal: Understand Heart Attack mortality 

Why: Accurately triaging patients and reducing time to treatment can save lives.


About the data:

  • Data sourced from Datadryad

  • Preparation: We added column 'Mortality' based on outcome value.

Industry: Strategy | Government Policy | Innovation

undraw_in_thought_re_qyxl (1).png

Goal: Understand the factors of highly innovative regions in Australia 

Why: Insights can help guide strategic initiatives and development of policies to foster innovation.


About the data:

  • Data sourced from Department of Industries, Science and Resources (DISR)

  • Preparation: We defined a column 'Highly Innovative', where a region had a value of 'yes', if the number of patent applied from the region were within the top 20% of number of patent applications.

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