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AI Talks

AI is changing the world, and we believe everyone should understand the trends, applications and implications of AI in our lives. Discover the role of AI in business intelligence, cybersecurity, risk identification, education, and more.  

Stay informed and empowered in the rapidly evolving AI landscape with AI Talks.

AI Talks - Season 2

Episode 4 of AI talks is brought to you in collaboration with Keeping Up With Data, powered by Precision Sourcing

Topic: It’s not just about Data – it’s about what you do with it. Conversations with Dr. Avi Misra. 

Speaker: Avi Misra 

Abstract of the podcast episode: In this episode of Keeping Up With Data, Dr. Avishkar Misra shares his journey and insights in the field of AI and data science. Avi highlights the importance of effectively utilizing data and the challenges of balancing full-time work with academic pursuits.

Avi is the Founder of Berrijam, the company that aims to make AI accessible and affordable, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. He emphasizes the significance of understanding organizational culture, empathy in implementing AI solutions, and the need for businesses to recognize AI's potential.


AI Talks - Season 1

Title: Smarter Decisions, Faster using Berrijam AI 

Speaker: Dr. Avishkar Misra

Abstract: AI is changing the world, and organizations that successfully incorporate AI tools and capabilities have a strategic advantage. Yet cultivating the right mindsets, strategies and empowering teams to use AI for better decisions faster takes work. Having built, launched and guided many of the globally leading organizations to adopt AI successfully, Dr Avishkar (Avi) Misra will demonstrate how Berrijam AI empowers you to make smarter decisions faster.

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