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Berrijam Hackathons - Jams

Berrijam Hackathons provide university students with a unique opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to industry problems. Berrijam Jams are designed to bridge the gap between academia and the real world, encouraging students to think creatively and innovate fearlessly.

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Jam 2024

Problem: Building image classifiers requires vast amounts of data, powerful computing resources, and complex engineering. If we could build highly accurate models with minimal data, we make image AI accessible for a lot more domains and organisations.

Challenge: Create an algorithm to train a domain-specific image classifier using just 5 positive and 5 negative images, adaptable to various applications across different narrowly scoped problems simply by changing the provided training data.

Jam 2023

Problem: For Jam 2023, teams select which particular problem they want to tackle using AI & ML.

The problem can be from any domain or application.  Think about how we can use ML to predict things in ecology, architecture, manufacturing, biology, medicine, education, etc. There are lots of different ways

Challenge: Are you a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence story teller? What would be the innovative applications of AI? The challenge is to not just to have a technical solutions but also how you craft a compelling narrative from your discoveries.

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