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AI Readiness (AIR) Workshops

Unleash your business' full potential

Are you ready to transform your business with the power of AI? Our AI Readiness (AIR) workshops equip you with the strategic insights and roadmap you need to harness AI for innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Why AI Readiness matters?

AI is no longer a buzzword – it's a game-changer. But navigating the complexities of AI implementation requires a strategic approach. Our AIR workshops empower you to:

  • Decode AI: Demystify artificial intelligence and gain a clear understanding of its real-world applications in your industry. AI is more than just ChatGPT or Midjourney.

  • Identify Opportunities: Pinpoint high-impact areas where AI can drive tangible improvements to your processes and outcomes.

  • Overcome Barriers: Address common challenges and misconceptions that can hinder AI adoption within your organization.

  • Cultivate Success: Develop a data-driven AI strategy and foster a culture of innovation that embraces AI's full potential.

  • Build Your Roadmap: Create a personalized AI implementation plan tailored to your business's unique goals and resources.

Who should attend?

Our AIR workshops are designed for forward-thinking leaders and innovators who are eager to leverage AI as a strategic asset. If you're a:

  • Executive or Senior Leader responsible for setting organizational strategy

  • Manager seeking to optimize team performance and drive efficiency

  • Entrepreneur looking to disrupt your market and gain a competitive edge

  • Program or Project Manager tasked with implementing new technologies

      ...then this workshop is for you.

Note: These workshops are not designed for technical audiences. We focus on strategic planning and business outcomes, not coding or algorithm selection.

Workshop Outcomes

Leave our workshop with:

  • A deeper understanding of AI's transformative power in the business world

  • A clear vision of how AI can address your organization's specific challenges

  • Actionable strategies to overcome cultural and behavioral barriers to AI adoption

  • A customized AI roadmap to guide your implementation journey

  • A compelling business case to secure buy-in and allocate resources

About the Facilitator

Avishkar (Avi) Misra PhD is an inventor, enabler and leader in data science, analytics and artificial intelligence. He has built and launched AI solutions that enhance the experience for millions of people daily. At Berrijam, Avi is making AI simple, accessible and affordable for everyone. Previously, he was the Head of Data Science at TracFone Wireless (Verizon). He led Data Science practice for the Americas at Teradata, guiding Fortune 500 companies to adopt AI. Avi invented the recommendation algorithm at Amazon, described as a “once-in-a-decade leap”, built AmazonGo and launched ML self-service for Amazon Advertising. Avishkar  holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from UNSW, is the inventor of 10 patents and is the author of 13 research papers.  Learn more about Avi's innovation or watch his talks.

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Ready to lead the AI Revolution?

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