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Gen AI + ML + Analytics = 

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Many organizations are overwhelmed with data but lack the data scientists needed to extract actionable insights that drive revenues and margins.

Berrijam AI seamlessly combines the state of art in Analytical AI, Machine Learning and Generative AI to give you ...


Berrijam AI’s explainable AI means you can take action with confidence and communicate with clarity. 

Clear and transparent insights enable swift evidence based decisions that people can trust.



Data Science Acceleration

Berrijam AI, accelerates your data analytics by more than 60x compared to traditional methods. 

This means, you go from data to insights, faster than ever before.

Versatility in Application

Berrijam AI provides insights tailored to your specific data and priorities, irrespective of industry, function or domain.


Check out our case studies across healthcare, finance, retail, and more.

See how easy it is . . . 

Berrijam logo - AI-driven advanced analytics solutions and data analytics services provider

Why Berrijam AI? The math is clear . . .

Conventional Methods


Analysts with Berrijam AI

Time to insights
~60x faster

1 - 3 Months

In a dynamic organization, Data Scientists are often overwhelmed with demand, whilst Data Analysts lack deep ML expertise. Evaluating one factor at a time is slow and doesn’t capture their interactions, which can be more powerful. 

10 - 30 Minutes

With Berrijam AI, business savvy analysts can harness ML-driven insights with just a few clicks, in minutes. Work backwards from outcomes to understand 100s of factors and their interactions.

Insights you can verify and audit


AutoML or proprietary models are often blackbox leaving you uncertain about the decision making process. In business confidence is more than just p-value.


Berrijam AI provides easy to understand insights supported by evidence that can be easily validated by non-data scientists.

 less expensive.

$170,000 per year

Typical cost of hiring a data scientist and doesn’t include the additional time to train them with domain knowledge by business teams. (source)

$1,140 per year

Berrijam AI empowers business & domain experts with insights, bringing insights more quickly to the line of business. No need to train external consultants or new hires on your business. Standard plans start at $95 per month. 

Case Studies

Goal: Understand Heart Attack mortality 

Why: Accurately triaging patients and reducing time to treatment can save lives.

What we found: Berrijam AI's analysis of ICU data on heart failure patients identified Anion Gap and Rel Failure as the top mortality indicators, increasing the mortality risk by ~2x.

Industry: ICU | Blood-works | Medical | Research

About the data:​

Data sourced from Datadryad

Preparation: We added column 'Mortality' based on outcome value.

  • Is my Business too small to use AI?
    Chances are, no. AI is particularly important for Small and Medium sized enterprises looking to compete with the big players. The efficiencies that AI can often deliver can level the playing field, giving smaller businesses a fighting chance. Check out Dr Andrew Ng’s TED Talk on How AI Could Empower Any Business. If you are not sure, just drop us a note at and we can figure it out together.
  • Our business is busy, and we don’t have time for AI.
    If your team doesn’t have capacity for strategic planning and thinking, then there might be a role for AI in creating that capacity for your team. After all, we see AI as a tool to create efficiencies and savings that can help your business grow. It really doesn't take much to get started.
  • What is the AI Readiness (AIR) Workshop?
    AIR workshops are targeted at strategic leaders, rather than technical experts focusing on helping business teams understand AI in practical terms (promise, no coding or math involved), identify the business outcomes suitable to benefit from a range of AI capabilities, develop the business case for opportunities and define a roadmap that minimizes risk. AIR is run by Berrijam’s experienced team, either on-site or virtually. Send us an email at if you’d like to attend it or organize it for your team.
  • Why do I need a custom AI solution?
    There are two reasons for this. Unique problems - Each business is unique, with its own particular challenges and operations. You cannot simply copy+paste one solution that works at Acme Corp, and expect it to achieve the same results. Solutions need to be tailored to support your team and business. Solutions gap - There just might not be a shrink-wrapped solution available for your specific business problem, at a price-point that works for your budget. We can work with you to quickly identify the feasibility of developing a custom solution that doesn't cost an arm-and-a-leg.
  • Doesn’t ChatGPT or Gemini do this for me?
    AI is way more than just Generative AI LLMs like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini. LLMs are just a tiny fraction of the capabilities and benefits. Analytical AI to quickly carry out the 5-why analysis to understand root cause is better suited for process improvement. Similarly optimisation techniques are better suited to improve supply chain logistics and planning, than LLMs. At Berrijam we like to work backwards from the business process or problem, to identify which techniques are most suitable for that problem. Sometimes it would include LLM as a component. Don’t believe us, watch Dr Andrew Ng’s talk on the relatively small potential Generative AI when compared to other types of AI problems - Andrew Ng: Opportunities in AI - 2023
  • What data does Berrijam AI use?
    You won’t make decisions for your business, based on another business’ data. So Berrijam AI works on your data, ensuring the insights are specific and tailored to you. The specific data will depend on the type of problem you are trying to understand. We currently support tabular data, but will be adding additional data types like images or documents in the future. See here for some examples.
  • Do you provide support?
    Yes. Once you have signed up for Berrijam AI, you can request consults with Berrijam AI coaches included as part of your plan. Coaches can help you get started or even brainstorm with you on how to tackle some business problems. We also offer managed analytics services, where we provide insights-as-a-service every 2 or 4 weeks in an agile operating model. Send us an email at if you want to learn about insights-as-a-service options.
  • Can I use Berrijam AI to make predictions?
    Well yeah, but we think you should always start with understanding the why behind the outcomes. Most business processes are not fully automated and strategic decisions need to be well thought out and supported by data. You can use Berrijam AI to understand the why to drive strategic decisions and also generate predictions to prioritize.
  • I have more questions. Can we talk?
    Of course, just send us a note at with your question, and your contact details and we’d love to get on a video call with you.
  • Are you really 60x faster?
    Well, yes - when you consider the practical realities of typical business teams with overwhelmed backlogs of competing priorities. Sometimes data scientists are booked out for months. Even if a data scientist is available they have to spend time understanding your business problem, coding up the algorithms, training models, testing, code reviews and validation. In our experience, we see most deep dive analytics that Berrijam AI provides takes 1 - 3 months to complete by expert data scientists. Since we automate the entire process, you get the results in minutes.
  • What AI and ML Models does Berrijam AI use?
    Berrijam AI explores 100s of explainable and non-explainable models to find the best ones for your specific problem and data. You get the insights as ‘discoveries’ based on the best explainable machine learning model, and option to generate predictions using the top explainable and non-explainable models. See here for more details.
  • Don’t Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT or Gemini do this already?
    No. While we use LLMs as part of Berrijam AI, LLMs are not very suitable for statistical and analytical purposes. Berrijam AI uses LLMs as part of the formulate stage to help you brainstorm and get started. The deep multi-level analysis is done using machine learning algorithms that have been proven over decades.
  • My data is precious. How does Berrijam AI protect my data?
    Firstly, we use best practices to ensure the data is encrypted and handled securely within our secure and access restricted environments. Secondly, your data is yours, and we don’t want to hold it any longer than is necessary. That is why we automatically delete the data once we have finished producing the insights. Not keeping it around means we lower the risk. Finally, we also have on-premise deployment options. Drop us an email at for more information.
60x faster
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