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Discover the hidden gems in your data

AI-driven insights and predictions, so you can make smarter decisions, faster

Berrijam AI is a SaaS platform that harnesses state of the art AI techniques to help you make sense of your data

Berrijam AI is like having a data detective at your fingertips, and all it takes is three simple steps.



You are the experts when it comes to your data; the Formulate tab is designed to provide that extra spark of inspiration and assist in problem formulation.



Berrijam AI takes an initial look at your data and provides feedback on its quality for analysis. Now just select your goal, sit back and let Berrijam AI do its magic



The discoveries page is laid out into groups for targeted actions, all designed to facilitate easy decision-making and action-taking.

Be Smarter, Faster and Empowered

Smarter with Berrijam AI

Berrijam's AI automatically analyses data to find patterns and makes predictions that help in three ways:

Data Strategy

Data is everywhere, and we spend time, money and energy collecting, storing and maintaining data. But is the data useful? Berrijam helps you maximise your data potential.

Organisational Strategy

Berrijam automatically identifies the factors that matter, and those that do not.  This means you can focus on factors and segments that are important to the goal.

Tactical Operations

Berrijam can help you predict unknown cases so that you can rank and prioritise them. This way you can be more efficient with your time and resources.

Faster with Berrijam AI

In our studies we found a 60 times speed up compared to manual, expert data scientist driven analysis.

This means you can get answers in one day which ordinarily takes 60 days. 

Your time is precious, and you need answers now!

Empowered with Berrijam AI

We love <3 Data Scientists but there simply aren't enough of them to go around. Besides, your priorities may not include spending years becoming a data science expert. Berrijam AI automates the analysis done by good data scientists thus empowering non data experts to explore, discover and make smarter decisions faster. 

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