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Berrijam announces winners for April Berrijam Jam

After weeks of intense competition and innovation, the winners of the April Berrijam Jam have been unveiled.

May 18, 2023

After weeks of intense competition and innovation, the winners of the April Berrijam Jam have been unveiled. This dynamic machine learning competition, hosted in partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), brought together talented teams who tackled challenging real-world problems with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Winners were graded not only on their technical solutions but also how they crafted a compelling narratives from their discoveries.

First Place - "Berry Good" (Team 7)

Project Title: Classification of Breast Cancer in Mammograms

Team Members:

  • Aaleen Ahmed

  • Hamza Jalal

  • Harsh Murali

  • Jaehwi Park

  • Teewin Xiao

Second Place - "Big Brains" (Team 12)

Project Title: Understanding Airline Satisfaction

Team Members:

  • Hanh Nguyen

  • Jae Hyun Jeon

  • Melissa Priscilla

  • Rafael Dairokuno

  • William Dahl

Third Place - "NAFT" (Team 8)

Project Title: Mortality Rates of ICU Patients with Heart Failure

Team Members:

  • Anish Saraogi

  • Bertram Chung Lai Lee

  • Frank Yun Li

  • Novin Wijesundara

  • Tanya Hollis

These top-performing teams demonstrated exceptional skills in applying machine learning to solve complex problems, showcasing the potential of AI to address critical issues across various domains.

Innovative Applications of AI Awards

In addition to the top three winners, Berrijam recognized teams that proposed innovative applications of artificial intelligence. The following teams received the "Innovative Applications of AI Awards":

  • "Passionfruit" (Team 10)

    • Project Title: Rice Leaf Disease

    • Team Members: Daijiao Liu, Jiaxu Shi, Tong Xia, Yanqi Zhu, Zhiyue Zheng

  • "Big Brain Machine Learners" (Team 13)

    • Project Title: Energy Prediction

    • Team Members: Ji Hye Kim, Lauren Wu, Michael Agius, Mina Na, Oscar Moses

  • "JJCSY" (Team 11)

    • Project Title: Fake News Detection

    • Team Members: Cheskene Marwy Tan, James Phillips, Julia Segarra Robles, Seivabel Halim, Øyvind Husveg

  • "The Last of Us" (Team 5)

    • Project Title: Predict Car Crash Severity

    • Team Members: Andrea Marie Dobles, Christopher Luong, Mikkel Endresen

  • "Team Spirit" (Team 9)

    • Project Title: Authorship Identification

    • Team Members: Duke Nguyen, Jaeff Hong, Weixian Qian, Yu Kong

These teams not only impressed the judges with their innovative approaches to using AI to tackle diverse and impactful challenges but also demonstrated their ability to craft compelling narratives from their discoveries, showcasing the true power of storytelling in the world of artificial intelligence

The April Berrijam Jam has highlighted the remarkable talents and creativity within the AI and machine learning community. Berrijam looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting AI accessibility and supporting the growth of AI enthusiasts in future competitions.

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